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[The bottom of the tankard didn't care. It had sat and listened to his woes all evening but just gave him a blank look in return.

Idolfried Ehrenberg glumly signals for another round, hands curling around his silent partner. He wasn't quite drunk, but he wasn't quite sober either. He peers into the tankard once more, a petulant curl to his lips.
] I went to the New World, once. Navigator. They would never have made it without me; that pack of slack-jawed imbeciles... would have wound up right back where they started. [His tirade is interrupted as the barkeep takes the tankard away to be refilled. Well damn, now he has to drink to see the bottom and continue his story.

The beer is disgusting; it honestly astounds him that the Spanish could even consider it beer, let alone brew and drink it on a daily basis. He'd grown somewhat inured to it over the course of the voyage to México - of course Spaniards brought Spanish beer - but he nonetheless feels a pang of nostalgia for the richer taste of German beer.

Oh look, his friend has returned. He sighs and gives it a suffering stare.]
How in Gott's name I ever managed to find myself on that ship... And not a gold penny to show for it. Not one.  Now I'm stuck here with you, my friend, with no money to get home, taking pathetic jobs for pathetic imbeciles... [He decides that he doesn't like the mockery he sees in the bottom of his tankard and stalks away, insult dripping from him like water from a wet cat.

The night air helps to clear his head somewhat after the dank confines of the tavern. The sea was an every-present companion, murmuring and sighing in the distance. A small town such as this did not have much traffic, and as such the night was mostly quiet except for the rush of water and the occasional crash of some imbecile dropping a crate on his foot.

Lost in contemplation, he does not see the imminent attack on his person. A pebble ferociously rears at him from the cobles-stones, digging its little rocky feet into the ground in front of his boot. His arms pinwheel, attempting to restore his off-kilter centre of gravity, while his face pitches forward to oh-so-gracefully collide with your stomach. He manages to re-balance himself, lightly holding your elbows to ascertain that neither party was in imminent danger of falling, and casts his eyes about, wary for more vicious pebbles.]

Entschuldigung, I'm afraid I find myself accosted by...

[His words trail off as he finally looks back at you, eyebrows raising slowly. 'Tis a rare moment when wit fails him. He silently blames it on the alcohol and gives you a smile.]

Guten Abend.
14 August 2011 @ 10:49 pm
Sound Horizon Dressing Room Kink Meme
Alternative unsought name for this is horny meme, for every terse purpose.
!Some of the threads in this meme will most likely contain R-18 material, so proceed with caution.!
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10 August 2011 @ 08:56 pm

[Do you find yourself lost in this unusual land after that marvelous trip through some random abandoned old well for whatever reason? Welcome, wanderer, to this wondrous magical meadow!  Here, beautiful flowers bloom all year round and the fields are always draped over by a blanket of honey-colored sunlight. You might also find yourself in the strangest situations, but won’t such things add a bit of interesting pleasure to that dull life of yours?

But guess what! There’s no time for pleasure seeking or sight-seeing here! This is the land where those who work hard are rewarded and lazy ones are faced with punishment, so you had better put on your hard-working face and be prepared for any trials ahead. Speaking of which, looks like those ripened apples over there can use some help, and it seems that they are desperate for some too.]

 Oh! Shake me down! Shake me down! We apples are all ripe!

[Well, what are you waiting for? Go and help those poor apples already! Maybe if you’re lucky, a certain apple will agree to be your cute companion as a thanks for your help.]
06 August 2011 @ 12:13 am
[What's that? You're looking to escape your mundane provincial life? Searching for a noble quest to quench your thirst for adventure? Yearning for the sweet, salty breeze of the high seas?

Well, consider yourself an honorary conquistador under the one and only Hernán Cortés!

Whether you ended up on this ship voluntarily or you've stowed away below deck, the captain is sure to want to meet you. This ragtag crew was put together so quickly, after all, he's not quite sure who it is he's commanding. He's not so good with names, but if you give him a reason to be impressed, you'll surely earn a special place among his ranks. So don't be afraid to break away from the crowd for a while - right now he's had enough of this send-off party and is standing at attention by the rail of the deck, telescope in hands. Just where is his navigator taking them?

Go on, go on. He's not as scary as he looks. It's a captain's duty to meet his crew!]

[[ooc: mods, I was lost as to what to put as an album tag. I'm sorry.]]
25 July 2011 @ 06:55 pm
[ What are you doing in this forest so late at night? Don't you know there's a witch supposed to be living in this forest? Unless...you're looking for her? If you are sick and willing to venture into the forest it's said the rumoured witch would aid you much cheaper than any doctor would.

Her house is deep in the forest and not easy to find but perhaps you'll be lucky enough to catch her venturing the forest with basket in hand, flitting around trees like a shadow and collecting flowers and herbs with an expert hand.

Careful though, even if you were to disregard the rumours of the witch's preference for eating children she is not a lady to be trifled with so speak your words carefully and do not startle her if you do find her during her collecting]
21 July 2011 @ 01:19 am
[ The dimming light of dusk streamed down through the leaves of the thick forest's trees, just barely illuminating the path before her well enough to see by. The forest surrounding her husband's castle had always held a certain allure for her, a seemingly impassable barrier between her and the rest of the world. While she did indeed feel isolated in that place full of nothing but emptiness, she was not planning her grand escape this evening. No, indeed she was merely out for a stroll for now. Her husband was absent once again, and she had managed to slip out without having to deal with the servants' suspiciously strong insistence that she not leave the castle unsupervised. She tried not to think too hard about that, how it felt almost like being a prisoner in what was supposed to be her own home. The shiver that overtook her after thinking that was certainly only from the chilly air. She wished she could believe that she was free, that she was a happily married woman who lived in a lovely house.

But she had not gone to the trouble of embarking on this little excursion to contemplate such things. She was here to take a break from the repetitive life within the confines of the castle walls, to enjoy some moments of freedom. And who knows what curiosities could be found in these woods? She had never explored them before. Wanting to enjoy the seeming lack of an audience, she opened her mouth to call out in song. She sang the first melody that came to her mind, with half-formed lyrics she could only dimly recall from childhood days with her family. This song seemed to set her heart free while she sang it, and she felt no need to hold back at the thought of another's intrusion on her privacy, confident she was alone out here.

She paused abruptly when she heard a foreign sound during a lull in her song. She could have sworn it was the sound of a twig breaking under a footstep; but perhaps it had been her imagination? Cautiously, she called out, peering into the half-light in search of the source of the disturbance. ]

Is anyone there...?
10 July 2011 @ 09:50 pm

Sanhora Kingdom School AU Meme!

Hey, you there! Aren't you late for your biology class already? Though, just between you and I, if you hurry up now, you might make it there before your teacher, since there was some commotion in the teachers lounge just now. And speaking of teachers, they ought to learn to shorten their coffee breaks, sigh. It is our duty to bring education to our dear students, not to chatter about meaningless stuff.

In any case, has anyone seen the janitor as of lately? Apparently some teacher realised they actually have a duty to perform here all of a sudden and accidentally spilled coffee all over the couch. But, at least to me, the coffee mysteriously smelled like the sweet Saint-Laurent wine--

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09 July 2011 @ 09:04 pm
{ For all intents and purposes, you're probably puttering away peacefully, just minding your own business. Perhaps you're taking a nap or flipping through a good book or maybe even chasing that odd green lion away from your carefully-tended flower patch.

Whatever it is, it'll have to come to an abrupt stop as a blonde girl drops out of the space above you and onto your head.

She's extremely apologetic about it, though, scrambling off you as soon as she realizes she hasn't landed onto... whatever it is she means to land on. She's probably just as confused as you, too, if her bewildered expression is anything to judge by. }

S-sorry! Are you okay?! I didn't mean to land on you, honest!
22 May 2011 @ 09:01 pm
 [Lafrenze is lost.

Well, that is to say...she's not completely lost. This is the same forest where she has always lived, since Alte-Rose found her abandoned there. But this is her first time in this area of the forest, and she's finding it rather...frightening. Eerie, even. This coming from the maiden barring the gates of Hades holds a certain poignancy.

She only prays that she doesn't run into anyone threatening. Alte-Rose has taught her to stay away from people who might want to hurt her...especially men.]

[But she heard some wonderful music coming from this area of the forest, so it can't be all that bad!]
11 May 2011 @ 12:10 am
[ She was wandering again. In what world, she did not know. It was always changing after all, and it was never entirely clear how she got there. She knew, could inherently feel that her body was still lying in her bed in her room in her cold, empty house. For a moment she stopped to wonder: was she dreaming now, imagining it all, or was she really here, walking on foreign soils? Then, as if to reassure her, she felt him watching, letting her know that there was no that this wasn't real. Why he was doing this, she didn't know. But she would not question him. Shaking her head and tossing her lavender hair about, she walked on, hoping that she find something or someone extraordinary. Or that it would find her. ]