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Is anybody home~?! Hello? Hello~!

[Maybe I have joined too late--! But even knowing so, I shall find my Elys Sanhora community.]

The pitter patter of raindrops on an unpolished surface. How long as this been here? A wedge of steel that had aged well with rust. Her muddy, hard-working fingertips were not shy of curiosity. Grabbing the object that no longer glimmers, it seemed to be partitioned of a door. A door? Out here?, she thought to herself collectively.

The girl beneath the crying sky; how long had she been wandering? Her garments were tattered, the apron worn above her skirt - torn in multiple areas. Her boots; worn and the soles seemed singe. Truly, the sight of her would have others mistake her for something less than a human.

How many seconds have come to pass? How many times has she seen the sun and moon exchanging supervision of the great skies above?

Too many! Too many times...

Her wandering led her to this misplaced door. Her feet crunched against the wet snow as she began to wander a bit more, keeping the object in tow. If it was lost before, it had been found now. For something to be found, it would emphasize some significant purpose [a place where it belonged] in the world. If she could find that place, she might find refuge from the chilling snare of Father Winter.

Perhaps it was out of empathy, really...
An old, ugly, misplaced object in the snow, barren and without purpose, yet even so, still clinging by it's very will to Moira[life]. It fought against the elements, and continued to be - even so. This door, she felt a sense of camaraderie with... Wasn't that a silly notion?
Ah, but humans are silly creatures all of the time? Are they not?


She didn't want to think about the trivial matters, the important thing was finding that place. And little did she expect, she would find such a place soon!
An old home in the snow, without it's door...

"This must be it..." she speaks, with exasperated breaths. Without so much as knocking, she went right in to the makeshift building, kicking the snow off her soles, she adjusted for the door to fit right into place.
As much as she could anyway. She hadn't any tools to fit it to the hinge, so it laid there, slantways against the entrance. Still, it filled its purpose which was not to keep others out, but to safeguard her from the wind's blades.

Now then.... to harvest the essentials of this seemingly abandoned abode before journeying onward. As she readied herself to explore, she couldn't help but to wonder what sort of Roman would a house have to tell?
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