Gabrielle (blamelesssinner) wrote in horizondressing,

From one thing to the next...

[ She's frightened. All of the turns around the tree trunks are only leading her farther away from home, but right now she's not even certain if that's for better or for worse. Her feet seem to want to keep on carrying her, anyways, intent on taking her farther away from the place where those scary men had...
What had happened, anyways? Images are blurring together, melding with the darkness of the forest, everything seeming to swirl in her vision. There had been a lot of pain, and it is still there, dully, along with the salty tracks left behind on her cheeks. On top of all of the confusion from that, she seems to be stumbling into an even more bewildering place, the scenery almost appearing to flicker and change before her eyes. But, much to her relief, it looks like the trees make a little clearing up ahead, and it serves as a nice enough destination when she has nothing else in mind.
Her breath is coming out in little puffs from the exertion by the time she steps out of the shelter of the trees, although she still isn’t sure just how far from the village she has gone. By the time she realizes that she isn’t alone here, she’s already made enough noise that there’s little chance she could have escaped notice. She freezes up, totally still, terrified to see who- or what- she has stumbled across. ]
Tags: album: elysion, sacriko's sister
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