blackchronicle (blackchronicle) wrote in horizondressing,

The end of a chronicle and the beginning of a new one...

[A burnt village, a destroyed cathedral, corpses everywhere. Even while knowing history, the Black Order couldn't stop its fall. War hadn't spared the cathedral where the Order used to do their cults and the small village next to it. The village is barely even standing, most of it was burned. All the men were killed, the women were raped and killed and all the yougsters were taken to be sold as slaves. 

The priests tried to protect the cathedral at all costs but their corpses are now lying over the ground of the room where they used to pray.  Chronica is sitting on the altar with the Black Chronicle on her lap witnessing the last moments of the cult who protected her sacred book during decades. Time changes and now it's time for a new Era to dawn. 

Evening had come and the area was more lifeless than ever. Chronica was wondering where to go next because she couldn't remain here forever. She had a lot of possibilities. Before she had the time to think, she heard the huge door of the cathedral open. She was surprised, maybe it was a survivor or a traveller who arrived at the worst time. Anyway, Chronica was glad to see a living soul here.]

Tags: album: chronicle 2nd, chronica
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