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Are you in need of an adviser?

[Wanting to escape his gruesome work, the old man decided to spend the night walking in the streets of Paris. It was a nice summer evening, people were walking down the streets, some of them dressed with their fanciest clothes. Those were probably going to the opera, to the theater or maybe even to one of those churches which usually hosted classical music concerts. Some couples had directed their feet in the direction of the "Seine", probably to spend a romantic evening walking hand by hand along the banks of this beautiful river. People were filling the bars and restaurants which had put their chairs and tables outside for the people who wanted to enjoy the night air. 

Even after all those years of living in this city, he was always amazed by the atmosphere you could find in the streets during the summer evenings. The city radiated with joy. He loved to spend hours walking down the streets and then to sit in the table outside a café quenching his thirst with the most expensive red wine they could offer while observing people. It relaxed him and proved to be an endless source of entertainement. 

This evening, he decided to try a cafe that just opened a few weeks ago. The interior was gorgeous but it was already packed so he settled outside. It was located in the corner of a square, a beautiful fountain standing in the middle. This square connected four streets so, while enjoying his glass of wine, he could observe the crowd of people coming and going.  He had almost finished his glass when he noticed a small detail. 

A lone person was sitting in a bench next to the fountain, however they were in the shadows and very difficult to spot. Who would sit in the darkness in this night filled with joy? From where he stood he could only make out the form of someone and guessed that this person's head was down. Maybe this miserable person would be in need of some counseling, if it's the case this old man would gladly help. He paid for his drink and walked toward the person sitting in the shadows.]

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